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26 April 2013 @ 11:47 pm
F-f-f-fill tha' cup!  
Ok, random title is random. Not sure how many people I used to talk to are still here, but here goes nothing.

When was the last time I updated, commented on posts? Once in a while I came back to just download stuffs, leave a comment of "Thank you very much!" and disappear.
I never bothered to check my f-list. Live was catching up on me that time, last year, but now I'm quite free as I'm waiting for my university applications to go through and get my results.. Since university intake will be in September, I will be vacant for 4 more months unless I take up something..

Currently I'm working as a temporary admin, and my last day will be 7th May, can't wait for it actually.

And uh, big news (since most of the friends I had on this LJ are Hey! Say! JUMP fans) I have left the fandom. The fans made me. I couldn't stand the fans, the fans made me so mad I decided to just leave the fandom. I'm not saying all of the HSJ fans, but there was this group that I had to deal with and that's the point.
Maybe one day I shall rant it here (and explain if anyone needs an explanation), but if you think you cannot take it, please feel free to unfriend me now.

However, it might not just be //the fans//, maybe it just turns out they acted that way, that's their personality, nothing to do with //HSJ fans// but sorry. Maybe I didn't like HSJ that much to stay for them (I still keep the HSJ goods I bought though! 1st photobook, 1st album, calendar; not gonna sell them because they did make me happy once and I still cherish them).

Oh, a serious issue. I have no idea why my utorrent is being insane.. All the trackers besides the [DHT], [Peer Exchange] and [Local Peer Discovery] are constantly on updating status..
- I've tried reinstalling
- I've made exception on windows firewall
- I've reset my router
- I've stopped all the downloads and tried restarting one by one but noooo
So my downloads can't move. *pulls hair*

My antivirus is Trend Micro Platinum Internet Security and I have no idea how to make utorrent an exception there.
Chances of my problem being solved with the help of the net might be 0 but I'll still post here. Hopefully I get a solution aha.

Ok, that's all for now. Try Arashi's Popcorn concert; it's euphoric, it's exciting, it's amazing.
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