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21 August 2013 @ 12:45 pm
Update shimashita!  
Yes, line from ATARU. I'm so stoked for the movie though. Horikita Maki acting as a psychopath and Nakai supposedly being a young adult in the show but then he's 40 isn't making sense but yeah.

What does Johnny feed his talents. They are like forever youthful. I didn't know Kisumai is of KAT-TUN's age / Kanjani's age. I thought they were like, 21 or something. I'm currently watching Kamen Teacher even though i can't stand Taisuke but it's for Jesse Lewis' sake.

Also, I'm currently very, very addicted to Logan Lerman. He has the prettiest face ever. Look

But he's short. Short as in, he's the same height as I am. sobs. *runs back to Mukai*

The previous post I mentioned I'm applying for public university and I got it! Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) which is at most 2000km from my place. Also in previous post I said I would be stopping work on 7th May but they called me back to work again after like 2 weeks of rotting at home so I worked again until 31st July. I thought I would use the remaining 1 month of August to do beneficial stuffs like studying and preparing for uni but here I am. It's the 21st, I'm leaving on the 29th and I'm nowhere near prepared. Halp.

Life's unfair, some have it better than I do but I can't complain. Going to study at a place faraway from home isn't that bad at all. I am given this opportunity to start a new journey far from the comfort of overprotective parents. I have to wash my own clothes, feed myself, take care of myself (which I am incapable with). My parents ain't that protective as it seems. But then, we are financially challenged so even if they want me to study near home, we don't have the money to do so. Government university that is, at least they waive us from our courses. (Malaysia should really provide free tertiary education like Germany. It's already sad enough that many are poor.)

8 more days. 8 more days. *crying*